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Gain new hights in your business

Ever thought about how your business could gain new hights if it weren't for unproductive old software applications holding you back?

Spire is a killer business management software application unlike anything else out there. It will revolutionize your business a hundredfold! Actually, we are just kidding. But one thing it is going to do is make your business a more fun place to work. Your employees will say Oh no! Not another software learning experience! You will say Oh yes! The buck doesn’t slow down here!

Ok, lets move on with the serious stuff.

Gain visibility, streamline operations and take control of your business.

An integrated business management solution that gives a comprehensive view of your business operations so you can make better decisions to increase profitability.

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Automate accounting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy. Track and report on business performance with real-time financial data.

Inventory Control

Optimize inventory levels to cut costs and improve margins. Overcome business challenges with greater control of the supply chain process.

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Sales Management

Boost sales productivity with a streamlined quote-to-order process. Quick access to customer information, including open orders and purchase history.


Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Account Reconciliation, Bill of Materials, Communications, Customers, General Ledger, Inventory, Job Costing, Multi-Currency, Price Matrix, Point of Sale, Purchase History, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Sales History, Sales Orders, and Vendors.

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Spire add-on modules extend the core functionality of Spire and will help you meet your unique business needs. Designed for specific industries, Spire add-on modules will further simplify, automate, and streamline processes that make it easier to grow your business.


Canadian businesses can now simplify their payroll processes with automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions. Designed with an intuitive interface, this module allows you to easily view employee earnings, benefits, deductions and taxes from one screen.

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Production Manager

Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status.

Service Manager

The Service Manager add-on will help improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your service business. This add-on gives you quick access to all service records, making it easy to track the history of each piece of equipment.

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User Defined Fields

User Defined Fields allows you to add custom fields to capture specialized information. Custom fields can be added to different modules throughout the Spire business management system and can be set as text fields, drop-down lists or checkboxes.

e-Commerce Integration

Magneto Link2 Spire for Seamless and efficient data transfer between Magento and spire. Learn more here.

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Is it time to upgrade your business? We think so. Learn how Spire can help you improve productivity and maximize profitability. Contact us today to see how Spire can help your business or learn more here