Drive the work behavior of your sales staff
Drive sales of particular product line
Vary commissions by customer
Calculate commissions line by line on a Sales Order

Commissions4 Spire

Transform your commission management with Commissions4 Spire – a cutting-edge solution that automates calculations, designs dynamic incentive plans, and seamlessly integrates with Spire accounting for turbocharging your sales team’s productivity.

Exceptional commission management is the key to unlocking your sales team’s potential and ensuring financial clarity. Commissions4 Spire is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that revolutionizes commission calculations and seamlessly integrates with Spire accounting. By automating and personalizing your commission management process, your business can soar to new heights. Experience the game-changing impact of Commissions4 Spire, propelling sales performance and empowering your team to exceed expectations.

Boost Specific Product Line Sales

Encourage your sales team to focus on targeted product lines, increasing overall commissions and achieving strategic objectives for your business.

Customizable Commission Schedules

Assign tailored commission schedules to sales representatives and managers based on Sales Rep Group, Product Type, Customer Type, and other criteria, fostering a personalized approach that supports your business goals.

Automated Commission Calculations

Seamlessly integrate with Spire accounting to automate commission calculations line by line on sales orders, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the commission process.

Flexible Commission Payment Options

Choose between paying commissions based on sales totals or profits, and offer A/P check or payroll timecard payment methods for added versatility in your commission payment system.

Dynamic Commission Rates by Customer

Adjust commission rates according to customer profiles to establish strategic and adaptable incentive plans that promote long-term business relationships and sustainable growth.

Commissions4 Spire Pricing


$ 55 Monthly
  • 3 Schedules
  • 1 Company
  • Standard Schedules


$ 95 Monthly
  • Everything in Essentials
  • Calculate Commissions on Line Items
  • Flat Amount Commisisons
  • Calculate Commissions on Profit


$ 135 Monthly
  • Everything in Pro
  • Bonus Commission Calculations
  • Post to Payroll Timecards
  • Post to A/P (External Salesperson)
  • Schedule Commission Runs

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