Transform your business with Spire
  • Accounting

  • Inventory Control

  • Sales Management

Gain Visibility, Streamline Processes and Take Control of Your Business with Spire

Spire gives you a competitive advantage by providing the business tools you need to make better decisions and increase profitability.


Automate accounting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy. Track and report on business performance with real-time financial data.

Inventory Control

Optimize inventory levels to cut costs and improve margins. Overcome business challenges with greater control of the supply chain process.

Sales Management

Boost sales productivity with a streamlined quote-to-order process—quick access to customer information, including open orders and purchase history.

Spire offers a comprehensive suite of modules to help businesses manage their finances, operations, and customer relationships. The modules range from traditional accounting functions such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to more advanced features like Job Costing and Multi-Currency. The platform also provides tools for managing inventory and supply chain processes, including Bill of Materials and Purchase Orders.

Spire’s modules enable businesses to streamline their workflows, automate tasks, and gain better visibility into their operations. The platform’s User Defined Fields allow businesses to customize the software to their unique needs and requirements. Spire’s Calendar and Communications modules also facilitate collaboration and communication among team members, making it easier to stay organized and on top of tasks.

With Spire’s Price Matrix and Point of Sale modules, businesses can easily manage their sales processes and pricing strategies. The platform’s Sales History and Purchase History