The Crew

The crew at Interaction Versa (a.k.a iVersa) is one happy bunch of people. If we are not smiling, you are likely to find us in deep meditation, preparing for the next big project about to start. The crew here shies away from boring stuff, period! As you soon will learn, we are a crew of 7, actually 6 ½.

This is the guy who started it all. His name is Gerhard (a.k.a. The Chief Spectator); initially, he was happy to please everyone. But then, slowly, he realized that he could no longer please everyone by himself, so he went out to hire more people pleasers, and essentially that is what his crew does all day long now.

This is Maria. She is happy to have a job and can’t help but think all day long about what she will do after work. That makes her really good at her job because she always looks forward to starting a new day. All in all, working with her is an absolute pleasure.

This is Marco. He is a database administrator and EDI Specialist. If you need a database problem solver, you want him on your side. He is good at SQL query therapy. He will find joint problems and repair inner joins so that SQL queries can find their outer peace.

This is Alex. He is an educated man with a mission to write as many lines of code as he can in a lifetime. When he is not writing lines of code, he thinks about the following line of code he is about to write. The only break he ever takes is when he is thirsty and needs to find something to drink, besides the other breaks we all take.

This is Milind. He is a serious man dedicated to ensuring people’s happiness with his web development skills. If he does laugh, it is short and sweet, and back to work he goes. If you ever come in contact with him, you’ll need to put on a funny face to make him smile.

This is Elliot. He is the son of The Chief Spectator. He has yet to mature enough to keep things organized in the environments he frequents. When it comes down to it, he still needs to work at iVersa. If he shows up at the office in the morning, he is preoccupied with video games and his playing buddies. So don’t count on him just yet.

This is Clair. She is preoccupied with making the world look pretty. She is a virtual character. Her work is seasonal, and her mission in life is to beautify flowers with photoshop. You can find her as she watches over the contact us page here