Spire and Magento Integrated eCommerce Solution

Many growing businesses face the challenge of data redundancy and data errors. An end-to-end integrated eCommerce solution can be a perfect answer to this problem. Our solutions can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and promotes efficient data exchange between Magento eCommerce, Spire and BusinessVision.
When deciding to invest in an eCommerce solution, many companies end up choosing a non-integrated solution over an integrated solution due to cost. What they don’t realize that saving a few hundred dollars today may cost them thousands tomorrow. On the other hand, choosing an integrated eCommerce solution can help them reduce time and labor spent on duplicate data entry and it also improves the efficiency of their processes.
Let’s have a look at some reasons for investing in Magento Link2 Spire.

Zero Data Redundancy

With an integrated eCommerce solution, you can free yourself from the worry of reentering data shared by the user on your website in your business management solution Spire or BusinessVision. An integrated solution enables you to check inventory levels, sales order, shipping status, customer information, and much more on a single platform. This results in efficient business processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Improved Data Flow

Integration of Spire Accounting and Magento facilitates data flow and provides you the insight to make informed business decisions. This helps you extract the maximum value from your ERP and Spire investment by providing you the most updated information.

Significant Cost Savings

A non-integrated eCommerce solution results in increased consumption of labor and other organizational resources, which results in narrow profit margins. Our Magento Link2 Spire solution improves your business profitability by resource optimization and improved customer satisfaction, which consequently results in increased sales and revenue.
Now that you are ready to embrace integrated eCommerce technology, let’s compare some common eCommerce solutions and determine which of them can be the perfect software for your business needs.

Comparison of Magento Link2 Spire and ZeckoShop

Magento Link2 Spire, previously known as BVeConnect, is a product that creates a seamless connection between Magento and Spire and makes it quick and easy for you to access and review data present on either of the two platforms. ZeckoShop from Terracor is another product that serves the same purpose but it lacks in many of the functionalities and features present in Magento. With Magento the sky is the limit due to it being open source and it has a vast network of worldwide developers.
ZeckoShop lacks several features present in Magento Link2 Spire, such as linking customer request to Spire accounts, REST and SOAP API for application integration, hourly Magento backups, dedicated server hosting, etc. You can review the full comparison here.
For businesses, cost is a major consideration of any purchase. For the Magento Link2 Spire we provide comprehensive pricing details published on our website, while ZeckoShop doesn’t. Three Editions are available for businesses of varying sizes – Essentails, Pro, Turbo and Super if you opt for a custom solution and get the features that your business needs at a reasonable price.
Your Spire accounting management system is the heart of your business, and it is important that you select the right product for a seamless integration. Magento Link2 Spire can be that perfect solution. The small business edition of the product can be purchased for $2,500 with a $55 monthly hosting fee to get you started.
To learn more about pricing details, please visit the pricing page for Magento Link2 Spire or Contact us to get started.

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We support and implement Spire, are a developer and offer three add-ons for Spire Systems and Accounting.

  1. Magento Link2 Spire, a comprehensive and flexible eCommerce solution for Spire linked to Magento
  2. Appi4 Spire, a mobile Andriod, and iPhone app to take Spire everywhere you go.
  3. Commissions4 Spire, an application for Spire to drive the work behavior of your commissionable staff whether sales representatives, contractors or managers. You are able to create a commission schedule based on several criteria. Among them, you can pay specific commission by product code, individual inventory items, warehouse or vary the commissions based on customer number and other customer criteria

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