Spire Accounting Systems Requisition Functionality

A transparent procurement process is essential for small to mid-size businesses. Like any other business activity, the purchase process is layered with multiple parts and different stages. Spire requisitions are the first step in the purchase order process that creates either a purchase order or a request for Spire Production Orders.
The Spire Systems can streamline the purchase process, as well as make it more cost-effective. Spire allows requisitions to be controlled more efficiently and ensure proper inventory control throughout the process. A business can benefit due to increased efficiency that will empower the purchasing clerks and managers to make the right purchase decisions.

Spire Business Management System Solution

Spire aspires to offer the best accounting and inventory management solutions to small and mid-size businesses. The Spire business management system solution can help firms make their requisition process more efficient and maintain proper stock levels. Furthermore, businesses can order inventory for just on time order fulfillment.

The key elements of Spire accounting requisition functionality include:

  • Prepare the purchase requisition giving special attention to a clear, detailed of the inventory requirements either for purchases or production
  • Ensure timely delivery of goods or services
  • Include the source type for each requisitioned line i.e. inventory, sales orders or production orders
  • Avoid breaking up purchases into smaller purchase order transactions that result in unnecessary purchase or production of inventory
  • Review the status of processed requisitions that has been submitted to the Purchasing Department

How can it help your business?

Spire accounting solution can help your business in different ways. Implementing Spire Systems and using the requisition module will help avoid running of manual inventory and order reports to determine what to purchase or produce. It can also help save hundreds of manual labor hours thereby giving you the time to attend to more important things in your business.
A real benefit of using requisitions is that it can help avoid basing purchases and production requirement decisions on incomplete or inaccurate information. What’s more, it can help prevent under or overstocking of inventory.
Spire Systems Requisition module allows businesses to streamline the purchase order process. It can automate the requisition process. The intuitive interface of the system allows managing internal purchase requests simple and effective.
The requisition module of the Spire accounting system can generate requisitions from sales orders, inventory module, and production shortages without manual intervention. The system can also create and assign requisitions to existing purchase orders. This can allow a more efficient workflow that will make the purchase process more timely, efficient, and cost-effective from beginning to end.

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  1. Magento Link2 Spire, a comprehensive and flexible eCommerce solution for Spire linked to Magento
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  3. Commissions4 Spire, an application for Spire to drive the work behavior of your commissionable staff whether sales representatives, contractors or managers. You are able to create a commission schedule based on several criteria. Among them, you can pay specific commission by product code, individual inventory items, warehouse or vary the commissions based on customer number and other customer criteria
  4. Workflow4 Spire, automation for business people. Automate reports, receive alerts on important business events and link with other apps and applications

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