Press Release: iVersa launches Magento Link2Spire integration for Spire Systems

The Magento Link2Spire serves as a necessary solution for optimizing data flow providing significant cost savings

19th July, Ontario, Canada – Information technology solutions provider, Interaction Versa, is proud to offer Magento Link2Spire integration platform, an e-commerce solution that bridges data present on both Magento and Spire platforms for an improved data management experience. It gives firms unprecedented access to share and analyze data that enhances their e-commerce solution through which they are able to meet high customer expectations.

This cross-platform system is a necessary solution for companies that encounter considerable challenges associated with data redundancy, high operating costs, and lack of efficient data flow. Although Terracor’s ZeckoShop also provides high e-commerce data accessibility and transparency, The Magento Link2Spire takes e-commerce data management to a whole new level. Without it, companies become locked in time-consuming activities and challenges pertaining to duplicate data due to multiple data entry. As a result, it leads to a significant impact on their process efficiency.

The aforementioned problems are experienced when companies fail to appreciate the benefits of an integrated e-commerce solution. With a cross-platform service such as Magento Link2Spire, companies can benefit from the following features:

Advanced data encryption

One of the essentials of providing a robust e-commerce solution is ensuring the platform has state-of-the-art data security protocols through which consumer confidence can be attained. The Magento Link2Spire consists of sophisticated data encryption technology that helps to safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank account details and prevent it from exploited by cyber criminal activity.

Enhances data flow between Magento and Spire

Improved data management between these two e-commerce platforms eliminates the likelihood of inaccurate data. Efficient and quick data transfer is another advantage that eliminates data redundancy. All information pertaining to customer details, sales orders, inventory levels, etc, is kept accurate and transferred efficiently.

Accurately creates and updates information pertaining to shipping methods

Information on both platforms, Magento and Spire, is maintained and updated in a holistic and integrated manner. This allows the company to have greater transparency and visibility into its e-commerce process, leading to improved order tracking and collection of receipts.

Improved data management

The assimilation of data between Magento and Spire provides you with the understanding and clarity to make business decisions a lot more efficiently. Increased visibility enables you to ensure all resources, including ERP solutions, are utilized effectively. Your internal businesses processes, as a result, become extremely responsive that can help drive higher business growth and e-commerce value.
Magento Link2Spire, therefore, provides a robust e-commerce data management solution that can enable companies to witness significant cost-savings in the longer term due to being holistic and integrated e-commerce cross-platform.

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