New features in Spire Accounting version 2.5

Spire accounting keeps on evolving with a rapid development cycle. Spire 2.5 technology updates deliver advanced features and pave way for future software development.

Spire 2.5 final release fixes several bugs and includes several new features.

Spire 2.5 what is in it for you

User Defined Fields (UDF’s) have been added to list views

User defined fields are now visible on the list views and can be filtered, searched, sorted and exported.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Accounts Payable

In batch payables, the invoices selected for payment can be processed to an EFT file instead of printing a cheque.

Batch Accounts Receivable

Users can now enter payments in an easy to use the screen that saves to a batch that can be posted together and then transferred to the bank. Reports can be printed on these batches including a bank deposit slip. Users can also send the batch to an EFT file for upload to the bank.

Move UPC codes to their own tab in inventory

This feature allows multiple UPCs to be added to each Unit of Measure. (UOM)

Automatic error collection and error send to Spire

During the install of Spire on each workstation, the user is asked if they would like to upload errors to Spire for our development team to analyze. This allows our team to quickly resolve issues.

Reports tab added to multiple modules

The reports that were available under file/run reports have been moved into the modules. Reports that need parameters that are not available on list filtering are run from these tabs.

Filter Names Shown

Users can now see the name of the filter that they have selected on the top of the filtered list.

UPC code import added.

UPC codes can now be imported

Open Related

When the user’s to-do list is presented on the login screen they can directly open the related module document on the assigned note.

Save Stay Open

When a new record is created, the user can opt to save/stay open so that they can add more records without having to click the new button again.

API Additions

Serial/Lot numbers

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

UPC codes

Spire is the leading accounting system replacement for Sage BusinessVision and other entry level accounting system such as Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting) and QuickBooks.

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  1. Magento Link2 Spire, a comprehensive and flexible eCommerce solution for Spire linked to Magento
  2. Appi4 Spire, a mobile Andriod, and iPhone app to take Spire everywhere you go.
  3. Commissions4 Spire, an application for Spire to drive the work behavior of your commissionable staff whether sales representatives, contractors or managers. You are able to create a commission schedule based on several criteria. Among them, you can pay specific commission by product code, individual inventory items, warehouse or vary the commissions based on customer number and other customer criteria
  4. Workflow4 Spire, automation for business people. Automate reports, receive alerts on important business events and link with other apps and applications

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