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Magento Link2 Spire and ZeckoShop Comparison

Integrating Magento and Spire.What Options Do You Have?

We hired experts to compare two popular options for building a fully-integrated eCommerce solution – Magento Link2 Spire and ZeckoShop. After assessing the details, the experts have built a comparison table. Review it and select the best solution for your business.


Guest Orders

Multi-Warehouse Support

Integration To Spire

Customer Account Request

Customer Account Linking

Customer Approval and Syncing

Magento API

A/R Integration

Online Payments For A/R

All Major Payment Processors

Interac/Debit Payments

PCI Compliant

PCI-DSS Compliant

Multi-Store Support

Multi-Types Of Products

Published Pricing


Dedicated Servers Hosting

Magento Link2 Spire


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