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BusinessVision is a business management solution that became a part of Sage’s product portfolio after an acquisition. Initially, when BusinessVision had no associations whatsoever with the Sage, it was considered a well-respected business management solution in the business community and was undergoing rapid development and innovation. However, Sage failed to keep up with the pace and made an announcement three years ago that BusinessVision will reach the end of its life or in their words, they are "sunsetting" BV. If Sage had continued to enhance and improvement the product over the past ten years, it would still be a viable and competitive product. But instead, unfortunately, Sage has decided to discontinue the development of the product.
As a long-time partner of Sage and a BusinessVision user, I know that Sage is not a software development company. The company has a long history of acquiring other software companies like Accpac and Simple Accounting. Even Sage’s longest-serving CEO, Paul Walker, stated in an interview with The Times that, “Acquisitions are part of our DNA.”
So, if you are a BusinessVision user, you should, of course, feel concerned over the demise of BusinessVision. I see this as an opportunity to move to a more advanced and more capable system. In this case, I recommend Spire, a small enterprise software company with a big reach. I have partnered with Spire Systems and I am writing this post to help you learn more about this viable alternative.
So, here are 4 reasons you should consider replacing Sage BusinessVision with Spire.


  1. Application Programming Interface
    Sage offers a number of ERP systems like Sage 300 (Sage Accpac), Sage X3, and Sage 50 (Simply Accounting), but none of them has a workable API. On the other hand, Spire features the latest RESTful API. RESTful API is an ultimate game changer in software applications. Just about everything can be linked today with this, including e-commerce websites and countless other applications.
  2. Broad Integrated Functionality
    While BusinessVision offers a reasonable set of application modules to choose from, a problem arises when your business needs advanced capabilities, such as production manager and a module for service companies, and job costing. Spire offers all these features and much more.
  3. Business Intelligence and Analytics
    BusinessVision doesn’t provide access to advanced analysis tools due to its old outdated backend technology including the Pervasive database and Crystal reports. On the other hand, Spire runs on PostgreSQL, allowing you fast and seamless data retrieval and analysis.
  4. User Experience
    BusinessVision doesn’t offer an intuitive user interface. It has a conservative design with standard menus and limited flexibility to the user screens. The Spire user interface displays data in a grid view and the ability to filter data virtually on any field to quickly find the information a user is looking for which adds robust functionality to the product.


To conclude, Spire can be a premier option for you to consider and work with us for the implementation of Spire Accounting.

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  1. Magento Link2 Spire, a comprehensive and flexible eCommerce solution for Spire linked to Magento
  2. Appi4 Spire, a mobile Andriod, and iPhone app to take Spire everywhere you go.
  3. Commissions4 Spire, an application for Spire to drive the work behavior of your commissionable staff whether sales representatives, contractors or managers. You are able to create a commission schedule based on several criteria. Among them, you can pay specific commission by product code, individual inventory items, warehouse or vary the commissions based on customer number and other customer criteria
  4. Workflow4 Spire, automation for business people. Automate reports, receive alerts on important business events and link with other apps and applications

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