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Appi4 Spire Commissions

Sick and tired of complicated reports to calculate commissions for your sales staff? Us too from trying to come up these complicated report for soo many years. We have come up with a better idea. What to know what that is?

Define and Assign Commissions

Drive the work behavior of your commissionable staff whether sales representatives, contractors or managers.


What is Appi4 Spire Commissions?

The core commissions functionality in Appi4 Spire allows you to define a commission percentage for each individual salesperson. The Enhanced Commissions expands an organization's ability to drive the work behavior of commission based staff with the creation of flexible commission schedules whether sales representatives, contractors or vendors. Commission options help fine-tune sales performance and increase revenues.

What are examples of more sophisticated Enhanced Commission needs?


Drive sales of particular product line


Assign Commission Schedules to reps and managers based on Sales Rep Group, Product Type, Customer Type and other criteria


Calculate commissions line by line on a Sales Order


Pay commissions based on sales total or profit


Vary commissions by customer


Pay commissions by A/P check or by payroll timecard with posting

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Number of Schedules

Standard Schedules

Schedule based on Invoice Line Items

Post to Payroll Timecards

Post to A/P (External Salesperson)







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